Helping creatives spend more time doing what they do best

We know how frustrating it is to spend time fiddling with storyboard layouts when you could be focusing on the creative stuff. It's the reason we started building a storyboarding app to use on our own projects at Animade, our London-based animation studio. We found it so useful, we knew it was something that could help other creatives save time, heartache and the occasional desire to break a computer. From this realisation, Boords was born!

Our team

The Boords team works within the Animade studio in London. Being amongst a talented bunch of creatives who are making storyboards all the time, it's the perfect environment to gain insight into the day-to-day needs of storyboard-makers.

Storyboarding made simple

Boords is a web-based tool for making perfect storyboards quickly and easily. So you can focus on the important stuff!