High resolution images

Allows pro users to upload images up to 1200 x 675 pixels. Also introduces a few usability improvements, like moving the Storyboard icons to the left hand sidebar.

Free versioning

We've moved the Versioning feature from Pro to Free, so it's now available for everyone!

Archive single versions

Added the much-requested ability to archive a single version of a Storyboard, not the whole thing.

Improved shareable view

The Storyboard editing and sharing navigation has undergone a thorough overhaul, the result being that the Shareable view of a Storyboard is much more intuitive to access and use.

Popular features like the ability to change the Storyboard password and access a Shareable storyboard URL have been made much more prominent. The Boords watermark on the Shareable view is now also removed for Pro accounts, mirroring the behaviour on PDFs.



This release encompasses a major re-work of the signup prompt and billing mechanisms. The payment form has also been extracted from the billing page to make it more understandable.

Archived Lists

Previously archived lists were at the bottom of the dashboard. This release puts them in the sidebar together with archived storyboards (which were previously invisible).


Archive view

Introduced an unarchiving system for projects and storyboards.

More efficient PDF layout

Improvements have been made to the PDF layout to maximise the space available for text and image.

Updated billing system

We've revamped our billing system to provide more feedback during transactions.


New UI

We've given the app a whole new look and feel; a revamped UI and user experience.

Shareable view

Users can now share their storyboards in the Shareable view with optional password protection.