Adobe Story

Scripting, Storyboarding, and Animatics
Adobe Story is being discontinued. Boords is the alternative you've been looking for; an online tool which makes creating scripts, storyboards, and animatics simple. Spend time creating stories, not templates.
Trusted by small studios & global organizations alike
Start with a script

Thanks to Boords’ filterable Script Editor, you can edit your script using visuals as a reference. You can even download your script as a Word Document, ready to give to Voiceover talent.

Turn it into a storyboard

When the time is right, Boords has all the tools you need to turn your script into an incredible storyboard. Work collaboratively with your team and clients and tell your story the way you intended.

Amazing animatics

Use Boords’ unique animatic tool to create an animated MP4 reference from your storyboard. Know exactly what you want to happen, before going into production.

Collaborate securely

Boords gives you fine-grained control over who sees which storyboards, so you stay in control. Whether you want to give someone access to just one project or all of them, we’ve got you covered.

Collect feedback

Share your storyboard and script via a secure URL and collect client feedback using our commenting system. You’ll get email updates when new comments are added, too.

Start your story today