Introducing animatic timeline zoom

James Chambers
James Chambers, Co-founder
2 min read
2 min read

We’re pleased to announce that animatic timelines are now zoomable! Get the skinny below.

When you’re looking at your animatic timeline, sometimes you want detail—and sometimes you want the big picture. Now, you can zoom in for the nitty-gritty, and zoom out for a wider look.

This new zoomability (it’s definitely a word) makes it much easier to work with big or densely-spaced animatics. From now on, your perfect zoom level is just a sliiide away.

Timeline zoom is now available on all Boords plans. Just open one of your storyboards and click ‘Play’. Happy zooming!

P.S. Got feedback? We’d love to hear it.

James Chambers
About the Author

James Chambers is the co-founder of Boords, and one of the founding directors of Animade

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