High-res images & other updates

We've been working away on a number of improvements to Boords recently, including adding support for high-resolution images, making Versioning available to everyone and improving the Shareable view. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to.

High-resolution images

First off, we're delighted to be able to roll out support for high-resolution images for Pro accounts. Add images up to 1200 x 675 pixels in size (Free accounts are limited to 480 x 270 pixels) for clearer presentations using the Shareable view and sharper images (even when zooming in) when exporting PDFs. Happy days!


Free versioning

Being able to iterate on ideas is a crucial aspect of many parts of the creative process, and storyboarding is no exception. In fact we think it's so integral to what makes Boords useful that we've moved the Versioning feature from Pro to Free, so it's now available for everyone!


Archive single versions

Staying with versions, we've added the much-requested ability to archive a single version of a Storyboard, not the whole thing. A small change, but one that makes life a lot easier when working with and organising Storyboards that have been through a lot of iterations.

Archive version

Improved Shareable view

One of the main pieces of feedback to come out of our user testing was that figuring out how to access a Shareable view of a Storyboard was at best, confusing. So we're very happy to announce that the Storyboard editing and sharing navigation has undergone a thorough overhaul, the result being that the Shareable view of a Storyboard is much more intuitive to access and use.


Popular features like the ability to change the Storyboard password and access a Shareable storyboard URL have been made much more prominent. The Boords watermark on the Shareable view is now also removed for Pro accounts, mirroring the behaviour on PDFs.

More coming soon

There's lots going on behind the scenes at Boords as we build the features you've been requesting, and we're excited to be able to share these updates in advance of even more new features that will be arriving soon!