Our new Support section is here!

We're always learning from our users, and taking your feedback on board is a great way to help us improve Boords. Gathering the most commonly asked questions, we've put together a new Support section of the site that aims to guide users on how to make the most of the app, and hopefully answer a lot of those early queries.

The Support page provides an overview of four key topics: Outputs; Projects, Storyboards & Frames; Image sizes & formats and Billing & payment. Within each section is a breakdown of specific questions and answers—many of which are inspired by the most frequently asked questions so far. There is also a live search tool if there's something you're specifically looking for.

Blog post - Support is here - GIF

As well as helping users get the answers to their burning questions as quickly as possible, we wanted to ensure that the whole premise of Boords was clear from a new user's perspective. This is also aided by the new walk-through tutorial which can be replayed at any time by clicking the question mark icon in the sidebar.

Have an amble around the pages here—and if you have any comments, we'd love to hear them!