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A Guide to Foreshadowing in Film
Foreshadowing is a literary device where a writer gives a sneaky hint about what's going to happen later in the story.
Custom fields
Introducing custom note fields
We’re over the moon to announce that custom note fields are now available on all storyboards! Here’s everything you need to know.
How to Write a Logline
Before you start work on your Hollywood-busting screenplay, you'll need a logline. It's a one-sentence summary of your movie that entices someone to read the entire script.
How to Use Color Theory in Film
When cinematographers pick a color palette for their movie or animation, it's about more than aesthetics. In fact, they're probably using color theory to stir up your emotions as you watch the images onscreen.
What is a Foil Character?
In movies, TV shows, and books, a foil character is someone who contrasts with another character – usually the main character – to highlight their qualities.
How to Make a Film: The Pre-Production Process
Pre-production is everything that happens before you start shooting your feature film, TV series, animation, or anything else. It helps you get organised before you dive into the production process.
How to Write Dialogue
Good dialogue is the thing that makes your story ring true for your audience. If it's believable, they'll be on your side. If it doesn't sound like real life, you'll probably lose them.
The Three Types of Irony
Lots of people know what irony is but find it hard to explain. So here's an irony definition. It's a literary device that highlights the incongruity (a fancy word for 'difference') between one's expectation for a situation, and the reality.
How to End a Story
You’ve invested weeks (months! years!) of hard work writing your story, and it all comes down to this... The end. The last line. No pressure.
How to Tell a Story
It takes a lot of work to tell a great story. Just ask all the struggling filmmakers and authors, hustling away at their craft in an attempt to get a break.
The 12 Character Archetypes
In blockbuster films and best-selling books, there are certain types of characters that appear repeatedly. They're known as character archetypes.
What is an Epilogue?
An epilogue is a nifty device that acts as an additional – but separate – part of your story