Open registration

Since launching Boords almost six months ago, we've been using a waiting list to ensure the stability of the app as we've grown. Today we're delighted to announce that the waiting list has been removed and registration is now open to the public.

Iterating after launch

We've been overwhelmed by the positive response to Boords. At the time of writing we've got over 1,000 registered users, with new users being invited from the waiting list every day. It's been great to see our initial assumptions—that storyboarding was a painful point in the creative process—validated by so many of our peers. And now we find ourselves in the exciting position of being able to iterate and improve on the product based on feedback we've had from our userbase.

Boords Beta rollout

We've recently started sending out Boords invites to the patient occupants of our waiting list. It's been a slower process than we'd hoped to get the first users onto the Beta, but we feel the app is in a better place for the work we've put in before launch. Here's what we've been up to.

Making our first teaser video

As a working animation studio, we're in the fortunate position of being able to produce our own marketing material for Boords. So it was interesting to view the process of creating our first teaser video from the perspective of both client and agency.

Choosing a measure of success

We track a variety of different events about how people use boords; signups, referrals, uploads, creating new versions... the list goes on. But which one gives the best indication of whether people are finding the app useful?