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The Boords Dropbox integration automatically creates new frames when images are added to the Dropbox folder of your choice. Although this is a powerful integration, please note that it’s not a full ‘syncing’ of your Dropbox folder. Removing images won’t delete frames.

Step 1) Create a free Zapier account

Zapier is an automation service which connects the apps you use every day with one another. To use Boords with Zapier, you’ll need a free Zapier account. If you have a Zapier account, sign in to it now.

Create my Zapier Account

Step 2) Connect Boords with Zapier

Connecting your Boords account with Zapier is simple. Just click the link below, and you’ll be guided through the process.

Connect my Boords Account

Step 3) Create a Zap

Now that your Boords account is connected, it’s time to create a Zap! Give your new Zap a name; something like Dropbox to Boords Frames.

Create my Zap

Step 4) Set up your Dropbox Trigger

Select ‘New File in Folder’ from the Dropbox Triggers dropdown. This trigger will fire every time you file is added to your chosen folder.


Choose the Folder you’d like to pull images from. Be sure to select ‘no’ for the ‘include file contents?’ option.


Add an image or two to your Dropbox folder so we can test it, then click ‘Continue’.

Step 5) Create your Boords Action

Search for Boords in the ‘Actions’ menu, then click ‘Create Frame’.


Finally, set up your Boords Frame template. Choose the Storyboard you’d like to add images to, the position within the storyboard new frames should be placed (either the start or the end), and the image URL.


Step 6) Test your action

Click ‘Send test to Boords’ and your Dropbox image will be added to the end of your storyboard! Finally, set your Zap live and you’re good to go! Any new images you add to your Dropbox folder will be appended to your chosen storyboard.