Find out how Boords streamlines the storyboarding process

Create Storyboards in a snap

Drag multiple images straight into the app to make a slick Storyboard in seconds.

Export PDFs in a click

Export your Storyboards as client-ready PDFs or share a link to the web-based presentation mode.

Give your ideas context

Make your Storyboards clearer with Voiceover & Action notes.

Private or public sharing

Share your Storyboards privately with clients or colleagues. Webview allows quick and easy viewing from any device.


Create new versions of existing Storyboards to make iterating an absolute dream. Step back to previous versions at any time.

Love for Boords

Create your first Storyboard now

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How our audio dashboard helps us celebrate as a Team

The Boords team works out of the Animade studio in east London. With so many projects going on within Animade, one of our challenges is to make sure we communicate what we're up to on Boords to the rest of the team. One of the best ways we've found to do this is via a web-based dashboard on a smart TV in the middle of the studio.