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Online AI Storyboard Generator

Quickly turn your script into vibrant scenes, characters, and visuals with our AI storyboard generator. No drawing required.

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Create your Script and Storyboard with AI

Our AI storyboard generator lets you quickly and easily create a full script and visual storyboard that includes actions, voiceovers, and camera movements.
Generate storyboards from simple text prompts

From Script to Storyboard

Get an entire storyboard script generated from one story online in a matter of seconds. Streamline your storyboard creation process by describing the direction of your story and let our AI storyboard generator take care of the rest.

Visualize storyboard panels with AI-generated images

From Script to Image

Our text-to-image feature powered by AI transforms your script into captivating visuals while effectively capturing camera angles, diverse scenes, and other visual elements you want.

Plus, our one-of-a-kind character guidelines feature allows you to reuse the same character frame to frame, made with your character specifications.

Turn storyboards into animatics, automatically

Vizualise Your Video

Instantly convert storyboards into animatics with subtitles and sound, then edit frame timings with the integrated timeline. Perfect for communicating your creative vision.

”Boords helps us create a consistent look and feel for all our boards, and saves our art directors from wasting time futzing with layouts. It helps us spend time on the creative, not the formatting. It's every creative's dream.
Hope Morley
Hope Morley
COO at Umault

Packed with features for your most collaborative work


Download & Export

Download and export your storyboards as presentation-ready PDFs, PNGs, and even MP4 animatics.


Shareable Link

A shareable link lets you share password-protected storyboards & animatics with guests to receive feedback.


Simple Versioning

Easily save and compare storyboard versions for fast iterations with full change history.

”Without Boords storyboarding was the most painful part of the production process, with Boords it’s the most painless. Super easy to use, brilliantly collaborative with both our teams and our clients, and speeds up the pre-production process immeasurably.
Lewis Darby
Lewis Darby
Founder, Yard B
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