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Meet The AI Storyboard Generator

Create gorgeous storyboards in minutes with our cutting-edge AI storyboard generator. No drawing skills required.

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The Cutting-Edge AI Storyboard Creator

The Boords AI-powered storyboard generator empowers anyone to create beautiful storyboards, no drawing skills required. Feeling limited by manual storyboard creation? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a tool that helps storytellers easily generate scripts and storyboards to bring their creative projects to life in minutes.
With Boords' AI storyboard creator you can easily craft storyboards in multiple styles thanks to our machine learning powered Stable Diffusion integration. From video agencies to independent video creators, Boords is the ultimate tool for generating scripts and creating storyboards with ease.

How to Create a Storyboard With AI:


Generate a Script

Type your ideas into our AI Script Generator and we'll generate a complete script with direction, sound, and action notes.

Generate Images

Use the AI Image Generator to turn text prompts into vibrant scenes, characters, and visuals in over a dozen styles.

Edit & Share

Once you've crafted your storyboard, share it as a PDF or online for easy remote collaboration.

Unparalleled Style Options

Choose from over a dozen styles, from traditional sketches to neon-punk aesthetics. Your storyboard can be as creative as you are, and the various styles provide a rich palette to enhance your storytelling.

Text-to-Image Feature

No drawing skills? No problem. Our Text-to-Image feature uses AI to generate images from your script. Whether you need to communicate camera angles or different scenes, this feature has you covered.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Boords combines the power of an easy-to-use interface with professional features like versioning and team feedback. Easily generate new scenes or characters to iterate your storyboard as your ideas evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own images?
Do I need drawing skills?
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Create Incredible Storyboards

Say goodbye to fiddly templates, missing versions, and generic design tools. Boords is the modern web-based storyboarding tool that helps you get from idea to sign-off 10x faster.