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Boords is the complete set of pre-production software tools to help you create great storyboards, shot lists, and animatics. From start to finish, Boords makes it easy for you to visualize your ideas and communicate with your team.
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Automatic frame and version numbering

Forget manually updating frame numbers when you add or remove a scene. All your changes instantly sync across storyboards and animatics.

From storyboard to animatic in a single click

Visualize your video faster with one-click animatics, complete with frame timing, subtitles, and sound. Then share your animatic online, export to MP4, or import directly into After Effects.

Secure online sharing and frame-specific comments

Collaborate on storyboards with your team, then share online for frame-specific feedback. Check off feedback items within Boords for a wonderfully simple revision and approval process.

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Lewis Darby
Without Boords storyboarding was the most painful part of the production process, with Boords it’s the most painless. Super easy to use, brilliantly collaborative with both our teams and our clients, and speeds up the pre-production process immeasurably.
Lewis Darby
Founder, Yard B
Boords makes it easy to keep track of versions, make revisions in an efficient way, and makes the storyboarding process more collaborative. It's the type of tool that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Sofie Edvardsson
Creative Director at Soja
Hope Morley
Boords helps us create a consistent look and feel for all our boards, and saves our art directors from wasting time futzing with layouts. It helps us spend time on the creative, not the formatting. It's every creative's dream.
Hope Morley
COO at Umault

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