Storyboarding for creative teams
Collaborative online storyboarding which helps you save time and stay organised. Whether you're in a team or working solo, Boords makes storyboarding simple.
Teams already using Boords
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Streamline your storyboarding process
Boords is a one-stop shop for creative, production and feedback
Creating & Editing
Create storyboards instantly using existing images or with our drawing tool
Exporting & Sharing
Export your storyboard as a perfect, branded PDF, or share online to collect feedback
Collaboration & Feedback
Collaborate with your teammates and clients in real time, wherever you are in the world

Boords has fundamentally changed how we create, share and collaborate on storyboards. It’s laughable how difficult this process was before Boords fell into our hands. If you’re a studio, I’d highly recommend the Team features. It’s been an absolute godsend.

Ryan Rumbolt
Creative Director at Wonderlust