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Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.
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”Our studio runs on Boords. We can quickly draw up ideas, add in a script, receive real-time feedback and rapidly iterate changes. Everything is one place so there’s no need to email files back and forth. It’s really a game changer.
Kelly Messori
Kelly Messori
Producer at CatCow

Easy to Use, Professional Power

Boords combines a simple, intuitive interface with powerful professional features like automatic frame number updates, versioning, and much more...

Simple Versioning

Effortlessly iterate on your storyboards with simple version management. Create new versions, complete with existing feedback, in seconds.

Automatic Animatics

Edit storyboards as animatics with subtitles and sound, then edit frame timings with the integrated timeline.

”Without Boords storyboarding was the most painful part of the production process, with Boords it’s the most painless. Super easy to use, brilliantly collaborative with both our teams and our clients, and speeds up the pre-production process immeasurably.
Lewis Darby
Lewis Darby
Founder, Yard B
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Collaborative To The Core

Everything production companies need to keep communication clear and actionable, whether your team is remote or on-site.

Project-Level Access Control

Share all your storyboards or just one with fine-grained access controls. Delegate team management by nominating admins to invite new teammates to your account.

Built for Remote Teams

Collaborate on storyboards with your team wherever they are with real-time storyboard editing and comments.

Password-Protected Presentations

Share storyboards and animatics with clients on a custom URL for sleek, professional presentations.

”Boords helps us create a consistent look and feel for all our boards, and saves our art directors from wasting time futzing with layouts. It helps us spend time on the creative, not the formatting. It's every creative's dream.
Hope Morley
Hope Morley
COO at Umault
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Storyboarding Superpowers

Forget generic design tools. Boords is specialist storyboarding software packed with thoughtful features that help your projects run smoothly.

Custom Note Fields

Tailor storyboards to your project requirements. Add unlimited custom note fields to keep key project information well organized.

Built-In Camera Moves

Our predefined, industry-standard camera movement indicators make your directorial vision crystal-clear.

AI Scriptwriting Assistant

Use our custom-trained AI model to generate storyboard scripts for marketing videos, explainers, presentations and much more.

All The Formats

Export your storyboard in multiple formats, including PDF, animatic MP4, Excel, Docx - even After Effects.

”Since we got Boords, we haven’t looked back! We’d been working with custom PDF templates and we knew there had to be a better way, and we found it! It’s intuitive, it’s visually pleasing, and it’s saved us a hell of a lot of time.
NickHeadshots2021 Selection-9-EDIT
Nick Patterson
Founder, Storm & Shelter
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Secure, private, professional

We know controlling who sees what - be it teammates or clients - is crucial.

Share with Confidence

Never share something you don't want clients to see. Share links to specific storyboard versions, with or without comments.

Completely Confidential

All content you upload to or create within Boords is completely hidden from everyone, including the Boords team, unless you choose to share it.

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The Shortcut to Effective Storyboards

Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.

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