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“Our work is finding its way out of screens and into different mediums and technologies. We rely on storyboarding to help illustrate the user experience to our clients and internal teams. Boords has become a critical tool for us to quickly create, tweak, and share our work. The tools are simple and brilliant.”
Jonathan Minori
Design Director at W+K Lodge
The power of a plan
We live in the golden age of video. Explainer videos, TV ads, social campaigns - we're surrounded by moving image in our daily lives. As a creative, producing work which stands out in a crowded landscape is more critical now than ever.
Great storytelling unites brilliant creative work, regardless of the medium. All stories need a solid foundation. They need a plan. They need a storyboard.
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No. Just... no.
A pain we know all too well
Image editors. Publishing software. Powerpoint. None of them are designed to deal with the unique challenges planning and storyboarding a moving image project can bring.
We know the pain of making storyboards this way first hand.
Quick, collaborative and consistent
We realised that what we needed was a way to quickly make a storyboard as a team, then keep tweaking that storyboard until it was perfect. We wanted to be able to work together, critique ideas, then go into production knowing we'd laid the best possible foundation.
“Boords has fundamentally changed how we create, share and collaborate on storyboards. It's laughable how difficult this process was before Boords fell into our hands. If you're a studio, I'd highly recommend the Team features. It's been an absolute godsend.”
Ryan Rumbolt
Creative Director at Wonderlust
Imagine never having to format a storyboard template again
Export your storyboard as a perfect, branded PDF by choosing from one of our ever growing selection of print and presentation-ready storyboard templates.
Imagine frame numbers and version names updating automatically
Drag and drop storyboard frames to re-arrange, and watch your frame numbers magically order themselves. Versioning is baked in too, so you can make updates with confidence.
Imagine the end of feedback buried in emails
Publish your storyboards online and collect feedback via a password protected sharing URL. With clear file versioning, email alerts and real-time updates, the feedback process has never been more straightforward.
Sound good? Just wait until see you see
But don't just take our word for it...
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