Storyboarding made simple

Making storyboards can be fiddly. Boords lets you create storyboards quickly and easily, then effortlessly share them with clients and teammates.

Boords has fundamentally changed how we create, share and collaborate on storyboards. It's laughable how difficult this process was before Boords fell into our hands. If you're a studio, I'd highly recommend the Team features. It's been an absolute godsend.

Ryan Rumbolt, Creative Director Wonderlust

Make time for better things
Just a few of the ways that Boords will give you more time for the fun stuff

Work together with your team

Set up a team, invite teammates and collaborate on projects and storyboards to create your perfect story together.

Drop images into a storyboard

Select and drop multiple images from your computer straight into Boords to make a storyboard in seconds.

Collect feedback

Gather feedback from clients and co-workers directly within Boords. No more cluttered email threads!

Draw directly into frames

With the drawing tool you can tell your story even more easily and draw directly into your frame in the app. . . crikey!

Share your creation as a link

With a simple... click! You can share your storyboard with clients or teammates as a link, with quick and easy access from any device.

. . . or a perfect PDF

Boords will transform your storyboard into a perfect PDF, ready for you to send on and delight your clients.

Make time for better things

Boords really does make storyboarding simple. Try it free today and make more time for the fun stuff in life.

Great product. Perfect and lightweight for what we need. We are a small company creating explainer videos, support videos, etc. for our own product. This was the last missing piece of our stack.

Kevin O'Hara, CEO Syus

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