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Create animatics in a snap. Share online and collect feedback, or export to After Effects or MP4
“Our work is finding its way out of screens and into different mediums and technologies. We rely on storyboarding to help illustrate the user experience to our clients and internal teams. Boords has become a critical tool for us to quickly create, tweak, and share our work. The tools are simple and brilliant.”
Jonathan Minori
Design Director at W+K Lodge
Keep your ideas moving
Creating an animatic is a natural extension of the storyboarding process. We've experienced first hand how crucial they are to creating a great final product. We wanted a way to create, share and export animatics as simply as possible. That's why we made the Boords Animatic Tool.
Your animatics and storyboards, living in perfect harmony

Re-arrange and time out your storyboard frames and have them converted into a ready to share animatic. Added new storyboard frames? No problem. They’ll automatically be added into your animatic too.

Bring your animatics to life with a backing track

Upload a sound file and use it to time out the scenes in your animatic in a flash. The length of your animatic will be automatically adjusted to match your sound file, too.

Instant, distraction free playback

Play your animatics as full-screen videos right within the app. Need a second opinion? Share your animatics with a password protected URL and collect feedback quick smart.

Ready to move into production? We've got you covered

Export your animatic as a ready-to-share MP4 file, or use our After Effects plugin to import everything into AE and pick up where you left off.

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