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We're Matching your Donations to Ukraine

Karen Mc Guinness
Karen Mc Guinness, Customer Success Specialist

We’re deeply saddened by the conflict in Ukraine and want to do our bit to offer help to the victims of war there. We’ve chosen three non-profits to donate to, where we feel our support will be put to great use. To date, we’ve donated £3,000 to these organisations but we believe there’s more that can be done.

For the next week (March 28 - April 4), we’ll be matching all donations made by Boords users towards humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Donate to an organisation of your choice, send your receipt to and we’ll donate the same amount to one of the non-profits that we’ve selected. Depending on the response, we may need to cap our matched donations but we’ll spare no effort in making sure that doesn’t happen.

While there are many causes to donate to, here are three that we’ve selected:

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    Sunflower, a small charity in Bansko, Bulgaria that is providing help to 200+ Ukrainian refugees that have already arrived there. They’re working alongside Ukrainian Embassy staff to provide clothing, food, toiletries, medicine and transport. If you’d like to donate to Sunflower, you can do so via PayPal here.

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    Little Prince Hospice in Lublin, south-eastern Poland, cares for children and adolescents with terminal and progressive illnesses. It’s currently looking after children and parents evacuated from hospices in Kyiv and Lviv. Support Little Prince Hospice by donating here.

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    Starenki is a non-profit initiative that supports low-income elderly people across various cities in Ukraine by providing assistance and food & hygiene packages. You can find their bank details for a bank transfer here or make a card payment here

This is undoubtedly a devastating time. We believe that a global response of generosity and concern can help move the needle. Whatever your contribution, it all makes a difference.

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