Boords Feature Overview

Your complete storyboarding toolbox

Boords gives you all the tools you need for a simple pre-production process. From storyboards to scripts to animatics, Boords is the battle-tested way to make your work life easier.
Your pics or ours?

Drop your images into Boords, search our image library, or use our in-built frame editor to create ready-to-share storyboards faster than ever.

Tailored to Teams

With powerful user management, Boords helps you collaborate with your teammates and clients in real-time, wherever you are in the world.

Animatics made easy

Create animatics in a snap with our unique, integrated Animatic Tool. Share online and collect feedback, or export to After Effects or MP4.

Multiple Export Options

Your storyboards don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why Boords supports an array of export options and storyboard templates to help you move effortlessly between the different stages of the creative process.

Create incredible stories, together
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