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Manage Your Shooting Schedule with Shot Lists

Say goodbye to pre-production chaos. Create, manage, and collaborate on shot lists and shooting schedules for a smooth pre-production process.
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Shot List Software for Video Professionals

Boords Shot Lists offers filmmakers an intuitive platform to digitally design, organize, and collaborate on their shooting schedules. A shot list acts as a blueprint for project execution, taking into account each shot and camera angle to construct a well-organized shooting schedule. Boords simplifies the shot listing process, aiding filmmakers in keeping their projects on schedule and maximizing production time.

Whether it’s a multi-location project or a simple interview, Boords is adaptable to various filmmaking scenarios, making it a preferred choice for filmmakers at all skill levels. The user-friendly interface fosters smooth inter-departmental collaboration, guaranteeing that critical scenes make the shooting schedule and continuity is maintained between shots.

How to Create your Shot List:


Upload or Generate Images

Upload your own images or take advantage of our built-in image generator to create visuals for your shot list project.


View & Edit Your Shot List

With live editing capabilities, you can collaborate with your team in real-time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and your shooting schedule remains up to date.


Get Feedback & Export

Once you’re satisfied with your shot list, you can export it in various formats, including Google Sheets, for further customization and sharing with your team.


Drag-and-Drop Interface

The drag-and-drop interface facilitates easy arrangement and organization of shots, including camera angles, for simple, professional shot list creation and modification in one scene. This fully customizable interface enables you to focus on your creative vision rather than getting bogged down in the technical details of shot listing.

Approvals & Collaboration

Manage the approval status of each shot in your shot list to Foster smooth communication and feedback exchange, optimizing the pre-production process and achieving consensus among all project stakeholders. Boords keeps everyone informed, making it the only solution you need for shot list management.

Google Sheets Export

Organize your shooting schedules digitally and make sure you get all the shots you need. By utilizing the powerful features of Google Sheets, you can add additional columns, rearrange the order of the columns, and incorporate formulas, ensuring that your shot list is tailored to your creative vision.

Creativity-Enabling AI Tools

Use AI to enhance–not replace–your creative process. Dramatically increase your storyboarding capacity so you can handle more projects and create your best work.

Trusted By The Best

Join 700,000+ professionals from the world's best video teams who rely on Boords to streamline their pre-production process.
Before Boords, storyboarding was time-consuming and technical. Now I can focus exclusively on creative decisions and make my work better!
Our studio runs on Boords. We can quickly draw up ideas, add in a script, receive real-time feedback and rapidly iterate changes. It's really a game changer.
Boords is so intuitive and integrated that it massively helps us streamline our storyboarding process, saving us from faffing around.
Boords helps us spend time on the creative, not the formatting. It's every creative's dream.
Boords automatically does the tedious work caused by rearranging frames of a storyboard. We can do more trial and error without stress and be more creative.
Such a great tool. It helps us focus in what storyboards are for: presenting our ideas to clients, rather than dealing with the mess that comes with the back and forth!
Boords makes it easy to keep track of versions and makes the storyboarding process more collaborative. It's the type of tool that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Finding Boords was one of those moments of pure delight, I can't imagine completing storyboards in any other way now, and it's only getting better and better.
Easy to use, intuitive and flexible, Boords is the perfect tool for the biggest part of a video production. We can shape and collaborate on ideas then share them with our clients so they're fully understood.
Boords made storyboarding faster, flexible and above all, easy to collaborate on. It's adding so much value to the ultimate goal of bringing stories to life.
Since we got Boords, we haven't looked back! We'd been working with custom PDF templates and we knew there had to be a better way, and we found it! It's intuitive, it's visually pleasing, and it's saved us a hell of a lot of time.
Without Boords storyboarding was the most painful part of the production process, with Boords it's the most painless. Super easy to use, brilliantly collaborative with both our teams and our clients, and speeds up the pre-production process immeasurably.
Lewis Darby

Lewis Darby

Founder, Yard B

The features to organize projects are superb. I needed more PDF download options and Boords delivered.
Andrew Cherry

Andrew Cherry

Storyboard Artist & Illustrator

We tried all the storyboarding tools out there. Boords ended up as our preferred choice because of its straight forward approach, light weight interface and streamlined remote collaboration features.
Boords has drastically changed our workflow. Before, we spent so much time creating storyboards that we were happy to put in front of clients. Now everyone in our business can create storyboards that are visually pleasing. I can't recommend it enough.
Boords eliminates menial, repetitive tasks so we can focus on the fun, creative parts of the process.
Karen Hansen

Karen Hansen

Motion Designer, Delicious Empire

Boords has fundamentally changed how we create, share and collaborate on storyboards.It's been an absolute godsend.
Making storyboards is a fun and creative process… until you need to shift some frames around! Boords is an excellent tool for letting you focus on your story while allowing for rapid changes as the creative process takes its inevitable twists and turns.
Paddy O'Connor

Paddy O'Connor

Creative Director, Paradigm

Boords is an essential part of our workflow. The ability to share our storyboards with clients gives them the opportunity to visualise the project earlier, give feedback and be assured the project is heading in the right direction.
Boords helps us streamline our storyboarding process and makes it easy to produce storyboards the way we want to. Our clients can provide feedback easily and it's effortless for us to make changes as needed, letting us focus on the creative.
Boords allows us to keep all our storyboards in one place. It's also very easy to add review notes to share with our design team right inside Boords, which streamlines communication.
The flexibility and ease of Boords has led to such a smooth process when it comes to storyboarding, we can't imagine doing it any other way.
Before Boords, tracking feedback was a mess. With Boords we've got versioning, commenting, and presenting all in one place. It helps us with client communication so much.
Boords has become a vital part of our workflow. We love how easy it is to create storyboards, collaborate on them, and get feedback from clients. It has made our studio more efficient, more productive, and happier!

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