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Experience the blazing-fast storyboarding software that helps you turn ideas into amazing storyboards.

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”Boords has drastically changed our workflow. Before, we spent so much time creating storyboards that we were happy to put in front of clients. Now everyone in our business can create storyboards that are visually pleasing. I can't recommend it enough.
erin oliver
Erin Oliver
Head of Production at ENTHRAL

Efficient Storyboarding

Eliminate the hassle of manual frame adjustments and immerse yourself in a seamless, user-friendly interface with our storyboard maker. With specific tools designed to enhance efficiency, you spend less time fiddling with templates and more time on the creative.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Boords provides a platform that ensures immediate and synchronized storyboard online collaboration among team members. Facilitate seamless contributions, edits, and real-time progress visualization, enhancing collective creativity and ensuring efficient, cohesive project development from start to finish.

Clear Client Communication

Say goodbye to endless email threads and hello to centralized, clear, and concise feedback directly on your online storyboard. Engage clients in a dialogue where revisions and comments are not just welcomed but become an integral part of the creative journey.

”Boords has made it so much easier and quicker for us to create storyboards and share them with clients. It has massively improved our ability to collaborate, respond to feedback, and deliver greater value.
Jamie Pert
Jamie Pert
Managing Director at Bundle Training

Simple Versioning

Our storyboard software enables you to create new versions of your storyboard swiftly, incorporating comments and facilitating quick iterations on ideas, ensuring your creative and production processes are always in sync and efficient.


Camera Moves

With our intuitive camera move indicators, overlay arrows directly onto your storyboard creator frames, providing a clear visual directive of camera movements, ensuring your intention is communicated effectively to both creatives and clients for a smooth production process.


Multiple Export Formats

Boords allows you to create shareable storyboards in multiple formats like PDF, PNG, MP4, or Excel, and even provides a shareable link, ensuring that sharing your visual aids with clients or stakeholders is always a smooth and professional experience.

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