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Welcome to a world of simpler storyboarding
Boords is the leading online storyboarding platform for creative teams
Simple storyboard editing
Go from an idea to a client-ready storyboard in a matter of minutes
Drag, drop & done
Drop a sequence of images into Boords to create a storyboard in seconds
Super fast sorting
Re-order, add and remove frames in a flash. No more painful re-ordering!
Iterate, iterate, iterate
Quickly create a new version of your storyboard in the blink of an eye
Export everything
Download all the images and scripts from your storyboard in one handy zip file
Collaborative storyboarding for your Team
Work together with teammates & clients to make the perfect storyboard
Real-time editing
Edit storyboards with your team, and have them update in real time, wherever you are
Control project access
Boords gives you fine-grained control over who sees what, so you stay in control
Secure sharing
Password protect the shareable web view, so you can share your storyboard with confidence
Google sign-in
Sign in with your existing Google account (of course you can use an email address if you'd prefer!)
Perfect presentation PDFs
Save your storyboards as consistent, branded PDFs. Perfect, every time
Right first time
Boords transforms your storyboard into a ready-to-share, branded PDF
Multiple templates
Pick the perfect template for your project, and tailor frame and page size to suit your needs
Custom branding
Upload your company logo or completely bespoke cover and end pages to your PDFs
Export options
Tailor labels and icons, or remove them and let your creative do the talking
Seamless feedback and communication
With built-in commenting and notifications, Boords completes the creative feedback loop
Instant client feedback
Just copy and paste the secure sharing URL and start collecting feedback, lickety-split
Email notifications
Stay up to date with feedback as it happens with optional email notifications
Remote feedback
See new comments as they happen in real time, wherever you are
Private, safe & secure
Password protected and hidden from search engines, your storyboards are totally private
And there's even more to come...
We're working on all sorts of things to make storyboarding even simpler
Photoshop plugin
Integrated into the heart of your creative workflow, create and edit storyboards without ever leaving Photoshop
Slack integration
Get project updates directly within Slack and keep everyone on your team up to date with what's going on
Animatic tool
Helping bridge the gap between storyboarding and production, create your animatics directly within Boords
Teams already using Boords
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Great product. Perfect and lightweight for what we need. We are a small company creating explainer videos, support videos, etc. for our own product. This was the last missing piece of our stack.

Kevin O'Hara
CEO at Syus
O hara