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James Chambers
James Chambers, Boords Founder

Today we’re excited to reveal a new look and feel for Boords. Our mission remains unchanged - to help video teams get organized and produce their best work. Our new look reflects our desire to be an indispensable part of the creative professional’s toolkit for years to come.

Not just a drawing tool

Storyboards perform many functions, but fundamentally they are a tool for organizing ideas. Our pencil logo served us well, but as the product has grown there began to feel like there was a mismatch between the brand and the power Boords offers.

What began as a simple ‘scratch your own itch’ product for generating PDFs has grown to include many more features like team collaboration, animatics, script editing, and more. Our previous brand felt like a lightweight introduction to what is a mature product used by thousands of video teams every day. Our new look reflects that power and maturity.

Playing the long game

Today, we have a stable, customer-financed business that helps thousands of video teams every day. We’ve been hard at work on this new version of Boords for over a year, and we believe our new brand will signal to our existing and future customers that we're a serious, sustainable company that's here to stay.

Try the new Boords today

It's been a big year at Boords, and we're delighted to be able to share our hard work with you. We're also excited to get to work on building more new features to ensure Boords continues to be an indispensible part of the creative professional's toolkit. Try Boords free today and see why thousands of video teams trust us to get organized and produce their best work.

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