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Product Changes

New features, fixes, and improvements.


Storyboard Generator Update

Introducing a new update to our storyboard generator, designed to jumpstart your creative process and make storyboarding more efficient than ever!


What's New?

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    Automatic Initial Images: When you use the script generator to create a storyboard, the first four images are now automatically generated in your chosen style. No more starting from a blank page – you’ll have a ready-made foundation to build upon right away, helping you visualize your story.

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    Pre-Filled Prompts: To streamline the rest of your storyboarding process, the remaining frames will now come with pre-filled image prompts. This allows you to get right into creating the perfect visuals without the hassle of writing prompts from scratch. Focus on fine-tuning your storyboard and bringing your vision to life.

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    Credit-Free Images: The best part? These automatically created images don’t use any of your image credits. Let your creativity run wild and save your credits for when you need them most.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance your storyboarding experience, making it faster, smoother, and more enjoyable.


Enhanced Image Generator

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our enhanced Image Generator! This update ensures significantly higher-quality images are generated on the first try. The new generator is now available to all users with AI-enabled plans.

Check out some examples of the enhanced Image Generator in action:

Flat Color


Prompt: “a family walking in a park”

Ink Wash


Prompt: “a cat on a sofa”



Prompt: “a man in a cafe”

How to Change Image Model Preferences

If you prefer the previous image model, you can easily switch back. Visit your team settings page and toggle off the “use new AI image model” setting.

Untitled (8)

Try out the enhanced image generator today and enjoy creating high-quality images effortlessly!


Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance your Boords account security with our newly introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), available to Powerhouse plan subscribers!

This security feature adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring both something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your mobile device) to verify your identity. Ideal for safeguarding your creative work against unauthorized access, 2FA ensures peace of mind.

Quick Setup

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Easily activate 2FA on the Security page. Follow the simple steps to scan a QR code with your preferred 2FA app (Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password, etc.), and secure your account in minutes.

Backup Codes

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Upon activation, you'll receive backup codes for emergency access. These codes are one-time use, so keep them safe!

Login Process

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For 2FA users, logging in will include an additional step for code verification, ensuring your account's integrity.

Team Management

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Team admins can now view each member's 2FA status on the Manage Team page, enhancing overall team security.

Elevate your account's security and protect your valuable creative content with our Two-Factor Authentication. Get started today and enjoy that extra peace of mind knowing your work is well-protected.


Introducing AI Character Guidelines

A storyboard generated using Character Guidelines.

At Boords, we believe in pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: AI Character Guidelines.

Before, creating AI-generated storyboard frames with consistent characters was virtually impossible. Now, you can generate storyboards with consistent, recognisable characters from frame to frame.

Character Guidelines are a pioneering tool in AI-driven storyboard creation, enabling you to maintain character consistency like never before.

Character Editing

The character guideline editor.

We've designed the Character Guidelines feature to be incredibly user-friendly. You don't need to be a tech wizard or learn the ins and outs of prompt engineering to use it.

A simple form guides you through character customization, and a preview image helps you see your creation come to life.

Simple Image Sequences

Create an image you like, then use that it as a "seed" for subsequent images. Small variations in your prompt can help you quickly generate several frames with the same character.

Subtle scene variations with the same character in each.

To create new variations, just select the "use image as seed" option and modify your prompt:

Creating an image of the same character walking.

Switch Outfits

Different scenes call for different attire. Quickly generate character variations with different outfits so you can always be sure your character is dressed for the occasion.

A single character wearing different outfits.

While we're proud of what the Character Guidelines feature offers today, we're not stopping here. We're in beta, and we're tirelessly working to add more guidelines like shot type and character direction.

Your next great storyboard is just a few clicks away. Try the Character Guidelines feature now and bring your creative vision to life.


Create AI image variations with Seed Images!

Enhance your AI image generation with the new “seed” image feature, allowing for a more targeted and consistent creative process. It allows you to create subtle variations to an existing image, so you can tweak your AI images without starting from scratch!

What is a seed image?

A seed image is an AI-generated image that you provide to guide the AI in generating a new image aligned with your vision. It acts as a starting point, setting the stage for what's to come.

Why are they useful?

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    Direction: Use seed images to direct the AI towards producing images that align more closely with your vision.
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    Consistency: Maintain a consistent style across a series of images.
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    Creative Control: Influence the outcome by setting a benchmark for the AI to follow.

How to use seed images in Boords


After creating an AI-generated image, that image can now become a seed for your next image creation. Modify the prompt to make adjustments, while keeping the foundational style intact.