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Introducing the new Image Library!

Storyboards often re-use variations of the same image several times. Previously, if you wanted to use an existing storyboard image again, you had to duplicate the frame and delete the text or upload it again from your computer. No more! Now you can drag and drop your images right from the Image Library.

You’ll find the Image Library in the sidebar of your storyboard.


image library

The Image Library has three tabs - ‘Assets’, ‘Frames’ & ‘Stock’. Any images that you upload to your storyboard will automatically show up in the ‘Frames’ tab. You can also upload images to the ‘Assets’ tab without having to upload them as frames. Perfect for replacing images further down the line!

Frame images, assets and stock images can also be added to the Editor. Just drag and drop from the sidebar onto the frame.

For more about the Image Library, check out this article.

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