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Boords vs Studiobinder

Rory Shorter
Rory Shorter, Creative Content Editor

StudioBinder is known for its comprehensive tools in scripting and storyboard alignment, but for those who value speed and innovation in their workflow, Boords is the standout choice. Boords' AI-driven capabilities, along with its rapid iteration features, provide a seamless and adaptable storyboard experience, especially appealing to professionals in fast-paced creative environments.

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Is Boords or Studiobinder right for me?

Boords is particularly well-suited for freelancers, small teams, and large agencies, with a pricing structure that scales with the size of the team and project needs. Its free plan, though limited to two storyboards, offers a taste of most paid features, making it a great starting point for individual users or small teams who are cost-conscious but still want access to professional tools.

As users move up the pricing tiers, from the Individual plan to the Powerhouse plan, they gain access to more storyboards, additional users, and features like version management, team editing, and premium support. This scaling approach makes Boords an excellent choice for growing teams and businesses that need a tool that can grow with them. The focus on storyboard creation with features like AI-powered generation and multiple export formats makes Boords ideal for those prioritizing storyboard design and collaboration efficiency.

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Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.

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Studiobinder, on the other hand, offers a broader range of production management features, such as call sheets, script breakdowns, and production calendars, in addition to storyboarding capabilities.

Its pricing plan ranges from a basic free option to a more comprehensive Professional plan. The free plan is limited in terms of file storage and number of projects but includes unlimited scripts, shot lists, and storyboards. This makes it a good fit for individual users or small projects. The higher tiers, particularly the Indie and Professional plans, are more suitable for larger production teams that require extensive project management tools and more storage space. Studiobinder's feature set caters well to production teams that need comprehensive project management tools in addition to storyboarding.

In terms of pricing strategy, Boords' plans are more focused on the scale of storyboard production and team collaboration, whereas Studiobinder's tiers are structured around the breadth of production management tools and storage capacity. This difference indicates that Boords might be the better value for users primarily focused on storyboard creation and collaboration, especially for freelancers and small teams. In contrast, Studiobinder offers better value for larger teams or projects that require a wider range of production management tools.

The choice between Boords and Studiobinder depends on the specific needs and size of your team or project. If your primary focus is on storyboard creation with efficient collaboration and you are a freelancer or part of a growing team, Boords is likely the better fit. However, if you are part of a larger production team that requires a comprehensive set of project management tools alongside storyboarding capabilities, Studiobinder would be the more appropriate choice.

Boords vs. Studiobinder: An In-Depth Comparison

Efficient Drag-and-Drop Interface

Boords excels with its efficient drag-and-drop interface, which is highly intuitive and user-friendly. This design allows video professionals to quickly assemble and rearrange storyboard elements, drastically reducing the time it takes to go from concept to a visual storyboard. This ease of use enables even those with minimal technical skills to create professional storyboards, fostering a more inclusive environment for creative expression.

While Studiobinder also offers storyboard creation tools, its interface may not be as streamlined as Boords'. The lack of a similarly efficient drag-and-drop feature can make the storyboard creation process more time-consuming and potentially more challenging for users who are not as tech-savvy. This can be a significant drawback for professionals looking to quickly iterate on their visual ideas.

AI-Powered Storyboard Generation


Boords distinguishes itself with its AI-powered storyboard generation feature. This tool enables users to automatically generate visual elements from textual descriptions, effectively removing the barrier of needing advanced drawing skills. This capability is invaluable for video professionals, as it allows them to quickly visualize complex scenes and concepts without the need for detailed manual artwork, streamlining the pre-production process.

Studiobinder, focusing more on the broader aspects of production management, doesn't offer a similar AI-powered feature for storyboard creation. This means that users of Studiobinder might need to invest more time in manually creating or sourcing visuals for their storyboards, which can be a significant limitation for those who want to quickly visualize and iterate on their ideas, especially if they lack drawing expertise.

Automated Frame Adjustments

The automated frame adjustments in Boords are a key differentiator. This feature saves considerable time and effort by automatically optimizing the layout of storyboard frames. Video professionals benefit from this automation as it allows them to focus more on the creative aspects of their storyboards rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae of layout adjustments.

In comparison, Studiobinder doesn’t offer automated frame adjustments in its storyboard tool. This means users must manually adjust and align frames, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process, particularly for complex projects. This lack of automation in Studiobinder can slow down the storyboard creation process and might lead to a less efficient workflow for video professionals who need to rapidly develop and modify their storyboards.

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The Shortcut to Effective Storyboards.

Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.

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Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.

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