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Boords vs Milanote

Rory Shorter
Rory Shorter, Creative Content Editor

While Milanote offers an expansive canvas for detailed storyboard creation, Boords distinguishes itself for animators through its innovative AI tools, quick storyboard versioning, and automated frame adjustments, streamlining the animation process in ways Milanote hasn’t yet matched.

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Is Boords or Milanote right for me?

Boords is particularly suitable for users who require a more streamlined, efficient, and technologically advanced approach to storyboard creation. Its AI-powered features and automated frame adjustments are ideal for animators and video professionals who may not have advanced drawing skills but need to rapidly visualize scenes and characters.

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The platform's quick storyboard versioning is a significant asset for projects that undergo frequent iterations and revisions, making it an excellent choice for dynamic and fast-paced creative environments. Additionally, Boords' pricing strategy, offering free access, makes it an attractive option for freelancers, small studios, or educational purposes where budget constraints are a consideration. The platform provides great value for users who prioritize innovation, speed, and adaptability in their workflow.

On the other hand, Milanote appeals to users who prefer a more manual and detailed approach to storyboard creation. Its infinite canvas and drag-and-drop interface cater to those who enjoy a flexible and expansive workspace for organizing their ideas and visuals.

The integration with Unsplash for a vast library of images and the ability to add various types of content (like videos, GIFs, and PDFs) make Milanote a strong contender for professionals in advertising, marketing, or fields where storytelling and visual appeal are crucial.

Milanote's collaboration tools and the ability to share boards with a secret link provide added value for teams and collaborative projects. The platform might be more aligned with the needs of agencies or larger teams that require detailed planning and have a more substantial budget for software tools.

In summary, Boords is an excellent choice for animators and video professionals seeking a fast, AI-enhanced, and user-friendly storyboard tool, especially where budget is a concern. Milanote, conversely, fits better with professionals in fields like marketing and advertising who value detailed planning, extensive visual resources, and a more traditional approach to storyboarding. The decision between the two should be guided by the specific requirements of the storyboard creation process and the nature of the projects undertaken.

Boords vs. Milanote: An In-Depth Comparison

AI-Powered Storyboard Generation


Boords excels with its AI-powered storyboard generation feature, which is a game-changer for video professionals. This functionality allows users to quickly visualize scenes and characters, bypassing the need for advanced drawing skills. It's particularly advantageous for those working under tight deadlines or needing to rapidly prototype ideas. The ability to transform concepts into visual storyboards swiftly is a significant efficiency booster.

Milanote, in comparison, lacks this AI integration, relying on a more traditional, manual approach to storyboard creation. While Milanote's method offers flexibility and detail, it can be time-consuming and less suitable for users who need to quickly iterate or who lack drawing expertise. This makes Milanote a less favorable option for video professionals seeking speed and ease in their storyboard development process.

Automated Frame Adjustments

Boords' automated frame adjustments simplify the storyboarding process, drastically reducing the time spent on manual editing. This feature streamlines workflow, allowing video professionals to focus more on creative aspects rather than getting bogged down by the technicalities of frame alignment and adjustment. It's a vital tool for those dealing with complex scenes or requiring quick alterations to their storyboards.

On the other hand, Milanote requires users to manually adjust and align frames, which can be a tedious and time-intensive process. For video professionals, especially those working on complex projects or with frequent modifications, Milanote's manual process can be a significant drawback, slowing down the overall workflow and making it less efficient compared to Boords.

Quick Storyboard Versioning


The quick storyboard versioning feature in Boords is a standout for its ability to handle rapid changes and iterations. This agility is crucial in video production, where project requirements can evolve swiftly. Boords allows users to create new versions of storyboards with ease, ensuring that the storyboard remains aligned with the evolving nature of the project. This flexibility is vital for maintaining creative flow and meeting production timelines.

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The Shortcut to Effective Storyboards.

Boords is an easy-to-use storyboarding tool to plan creative projects.

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In contrast, Milanote’s versioning capabilities are more basic and less suited for projects that require frequent updates. The process in Milanote can be more cumbersome for video professionals who need to iterate quickly or manage multiple versions of a storyboard. This limitation makes it less ideal for dynamic projects where adaptability and speed are key to the creative and production process.

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