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How does E-Learning company Banzai use storyboards?

Karen Mc Guinness
Karen Mc Guinness, Customer Success Specialist
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5 min read

Boords-sample2 A sample E-Learning storyboard from Banzai

Banzai uses interactive adventure games to help students think differently about money. The E-Learning company have found Boords to be the key to a productive workflow.

Kendall Buchanan founded Banzai in 2007 together with Morgan Vandagriff. Since then, over 40,000 math, business, and computer teachers have joined the program. Banzai’s interactive software has helped thousands of young people improve their financial literacy.

Kendall's team has relied on Boords to ensure their development process moves smoothly from one stage to the next:

"During weeks when we’re heavily modifying our software, several employees will spend all day in Boords.

bz-peep2 Boords is the bridge between technical & non-technical team members

Within the Banzai team, the storyboarding stage acts as a middle ground for developers and non-developers to pool together their specific skills and resources.

Central to the promise of Banzai is the idea that their software is interactive and fun. They create experience-based financial education through interactive games and stories, which help keep young learners interested and engaged. The result is a truly unique and creative application.

Their workflow starts with a first draft, which they create in Google Docs. Once the draft has reached an almost-perfect state, they move the text into Boords. From there, the illustrators at Banzai begin creating visuals to accompany the text. Finally, the software developers start building the story into their software.

The Challenge: Collaborating on progressive stories

In creating a solution as unique as Banzai, there are inevitably some unique challenges that come along with it. Finding a simple way to write and organise their stories is what Kendall describes as their leading challenge.

Before using Boords to organise concepts, the iteration process had been proving challenging for the team. In the past, they’d been using Google Docs to pair their text and images, but struggled because Docs “isn’t designed for progressive stories”.

"Boords fits what we’d been forcing Google Docs to do only semi-successfully.

Boords-sample1 A sample E-Learning storyboard from Banzai

Rearranging frames and making adjustments had always been a struggle for the team - but having the ability to move frames seamlessly is what Kendall notes as her one of her favourite Boords features.

"What we love most about Boords is our ability to move slides around at will, which was challenging before.

With a group of copywriters, illustrators and software developers all working alongside each other, streamlining is essential. For the team at Banzai, Boords helps to simplify the flow between design & development. It acts as a go-between in their design process and helps to bridge the gap between the drafting stage and their finished product.

Collaboration is King

banzai-peeps1 Boords has given autonomy to Banzai Team Members

Having set up a team in Boords, it wasn’t long before they were collaborating effortlessly with one another. Getting to grips with the workings of the app was a clear-cut operation for them, which Kendall describes as “perfectly straightforward”.

"Boords has brought us closer to an ideal design process

Boords has allowed non-developers at Banzai to become involved in tasks which wouldn't have been accessible to them. As Kendall puts it, "Boords gave non-developers at Banzai a way to navigate and make changes to copy within our stories".

Drawing on the collaborative features of Boords also gives the team an opportunity to present their work in a way that is both accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical ability; "We can represent our software to individuals trying to get a high-level perspective of how our stories progress without having to actually play the software", says Kendall.

Karen Mc Guinness
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Karen Mc Guinness is a Customer Success Specialist at Boords. Originally from Ireland, she currently works from sunny Greece.