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Creative Director Job Description Template

Creative directors own the creative vision for a company, developing and leading creative projects like advertising campaigns, building a brand identity, and providing creative direction in everything a business does.

What does a Cinematographer do?

Cinematographers play an essential role in film production, dictating the overall look and visual style of a motion picture, television show, music video, or advert.

Alliteration: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Writing

Alliteration is a literary device and describes the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of consecutive words.

What is 16:9 Aspect Ratio? Definition & Examples

The 16:9 format is a widescreen aspect ratio. Dating back to the 1980s, the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio today is the international standard format of HDTV and the most common ratio for computer screens and TV sets.

Storytelling 101: The Dan Harmon Story Circle

The Story Circle by Dan Harmon is a basic narrative structure that writers can use to structure and test their story ideas.

What is 4:3 Aspect Ratio? Definition & Examples

Aspect ratio refers to the width and height of a screen or image. The 4:3 format dates back to celluloid film and early cinema screens and television sets.

What is Cinematography? Definition & Examples

Cinematography is the art form of visual storytelling through motion picture photography. It includes all visual elements on screen for both television production and motion pictures.

What Does a Creative Director Do?

A creative director is the person responsible for the creative vision of a project. They’ll manage the entire creative process, from the brainstorming and ideation stage right through to delivering creative assets.

What is Method Acting? How Great Actors Prepare

Method acting describes and summarizes a range of techniques acting teachers use to encourage their students to inhabit their roles fully and bring their characters to life.

Animator Job Description Template

Getting your animator job posting right is crucial if you want to attract top animation talent to your company.

What Does an Art Director Do?

The job of an art director is a multifaceted role that pairs creative vision with communication and project management skills that can lead to plentiful career opportunities.

Parallelism: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Writing

Parallelism is a literary device that repeats grammatical elements to emphasize and create memorable phrases.