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What are Style Frames? Definition & Examples

Style frames are a series of images that establish the overall look and feel of a video or animation project before full production begins.

How to Stay Organized During The Pre-Production Process

Just as you wouldn't start building a house without a blueprint, diving into a production without thorough pre-production is a recipe for frustration and inefficiency.

The Ultimate Video Production Budget Template

In the world of video production, creativity is king, but budget reigns supreme. We're excited to present our latest offering - the Video Production Budget Template.

The Ultimate Instructional Design Storyboarding Template

In the digital age, video-based eLearning has become a quintessential part of effective educational programs.

The Ultimate Video Pre-Production Checklist Template

Creating exceptional client video projects demands a well-structured and organized pre-production process so we've developed the ultimate pre-production checklist template tailored specifically for client video projects.

How to Get a Video Production Job with Staff Me Up

Staff Me Up is a one-stop hiring platform for the production industry. Both sides of the hiring process can use the online Staff Me Up app at

What is Post-Production in Film & Animation?

Post-production in filmmaking begins after principal photography with the assembling and editing of footage.

The Ultimate Film Crew Guide (Film Crew Positions)

While the cast of a movie are the actors and actresses that work in front of the camera, the film crew comprises the film set jobs and positions that work behind the scenes and off-camera.

What are LUTs? The Ultimate Guide to Color Grading

A Lookup table or LUT is an array of numbers with values for color input and output.

The Ultimate Spaghetti Western Film Guide

The Spaghetti Western is a popular subgenre of Western movies from the 1960s and 70s.

What is a Tracking Shot? Definition & Examples

A tracking shot in cinematography describes any shot in which the camera moves through the scene, often for an extended period.

What is Shallow Depth of Field? Definition & Examples

In photography and cinematography, depth of field refers to the size of the area of sharpness in front of and behind the focal point of sharp focus.