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Filmmaking 101: A-Roll vs B-Roll Footage

B-roll or B-reel refers to alternative footage in film and television production. Today, we use the term A-roll for primary footage less frequently, but still refer to secondary or supplemental footage as B-roll.

Personification: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Writing

Personification is a form of figurative language that describes something non-human with human characteristics in order to make the reader empathize, understand better or immersive themselves in vivid imagery.

Hyperbole: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Writing

Hyperbole uses figurative language to make an overstatement, to create emphasis and can be used for comic effect, to create vivid images, or to convey intensity or emotion.

What is a Euphemism? Definition & Examples

A euphemism is an indirect expression to avoid a direct reference or a straightforward term. It's commonly to be polite rather than blunt, to soften the blow or to downplay an issue.

Welcome to the all new Boords!

Today we’re excited to reveal a new look and feel for Boords.

We're Matching your Donations to Ukraine

We’re deeply saddened by the conflict in Ukraine and want to do our bit to offer help to the victims of war there. From March 28 - April 3, we’ll be matching all donations made by Boords users towards humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Filmmaking 101: How to use The Dutch Angle

Filmmakers old and new love the Dutch angle for its ability to create an instant of disorientation.

What Does a Line Producer Do?

Whether you’re looking to become a line producer, or you’re a filmmaker who wants to understand more about a line producer’s job, this piece will tell you everything you need to know.

How to Write a Beat Sheet (FREE Template)

When you’re cooking up a story, it’s important to have a plan. Without a solid story structure, it’s easy to get lost in a maze of subplots and character arcs, with no clear direction of where you’re going.

These are the Things that Writers Say Make Up a Great Screenplay

This guide covers all the nitty gritty stuff people learn at film school – like script formatting, right through to the juicy details like loglines and first drafts.

Guide to Writing a Scene Template: Expert Storytelling Tips

Scene templates are a vital tool for novel writing and filmmaking alike.

How to Write a Documentary Script: Expert Storytelling Tips

If you’re a filmmaker that wants to take the documentary world by storm, you’ll be needing a documentary script. In this post, we’ll share a wealth of tips to get you started.