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How to Pitch a TV Show
A successful TV show pitch determines if a TV series will move from an initial idea into development and production.
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What Does a Film Producer Do?
Learn what a producer does in the film industry, the different types of producers, and the steps you need to take to become one.
Google slides
How to Storyboard with Google Slides
Google Slides is an online tool for creating and formatting presentations. It's incredibly versatile, and is the perfect partner for planning your next film or video project.
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What is Kairos?
The Ancient Greeks knew when to deliver a message so it had maximum impact. They called it kairos. And you can learn how to master it.
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How to Write a TV Commercial Script
Writing commercial scripts for TV ads is entirely different from screenwriting a screenplay. Learn the format and download a handy template.
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How to Make an eLearning Storyboard
eLearning storyboards are a big help when you're designing eLearning development courses. We'll show you how to make them.
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How to Storyboard a Marketing Video
Marketing's a tricky beast. But with our guide to storyboarding your marketing video, you'll be one step closer to success.
How to Storyboard a Presentation
Storyboarding your PowerPoint presentation is a surefire way to make that it covers the key points and hits the mark. We've got some hot presentation tips that'll help you storyboard your way to PowerPoint success.
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How to Storyboard a TV Commercial
Storyboarding's a way to visualise the storyline of your TV commercial, breaking down every last bit of action into individual storyboard panels.
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How to Storyboard for UX
Learn some storyboarding tips that'll take your user experience design to the next level.
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How to Storyboard a Novel
Novel writing is a pretty tricky thing to do. In our opinion, it's right up there with astrophysics. Or baking the perfect sourdough.
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How to Storyboard a Short Film
Storyboarding's a way to visualise the storyline of your short film, breaking down every last bit of action into individual storyboard panels.