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Seamless Storyboard Changes

Say goodbye to laborious frame number changes. Make quick, intuitive updates to your storyboards with automatic frame numbering and grouping.
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Automatic Numbering

Instant Frame Updates

Frames automatically renumber when reordered, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments and ensuring your storyboard reflects changes instantly.

Frame Grouping

Give Your Storyboard Structure

Categorize scenes by grouping frames, facilitating quick narrative shifts and maintaining the integrity of your storyboard structure.

Real-Time Collaboration

Always Up-To-Date

Storyboard updates are shared in real-time, keeping remote and hybrid teams perfectly in sync when frames are rearranged or narratives are refined.

Creativity-Enabling AI Tools

Use AI to enhance–not replace–your creative process. Dramatically increase your storyboarding capacity so you can handle more projects and create your best work.

Say Goodbye To Generic Storyboarding Tools

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5,014creativesjoined this week

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Evan Pirone
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