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Render & Share High-Quality Animatics in Seconds

Bring your storyboards to life faster than ever with MP4 animatic exports. Render and share high-quality animatics – complete with subtitles and sound – in seconds.

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Instantly Transform Storyboards into Animatics

Animatic MP4s offer fast render times, versioned file names, sound, subtitles, and more.

Subtitles & Sound

Enhance your animatics by uploading voiceover or sound and optionally use any storyboard text field as subtitles.

Always In Sync

Immediately transform your storyboard into an animatic and render it to MP4, ensuring your pre-production pipeline is always in sync.

Fast Render Times

Experience lightning-fast render times, allowing you to produce complete animatics in just a few seconds, streamlining your project timeline.

Consistent File Naming

Stay organized with automatically versioned MP4 filenames, ensuring you always know which version you're working with and sharing.

Creativity-Enabling AI Tools

Use AI to enhance–not replace–your creative process. Dramatically increase your storyboarding capacity so you can handle more projects and create your best work.

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Jamie Pert
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