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Increase Trust with a Custom Subdomain

Personalize your pre-production workspace with a unique subdomain. Edit and share storyboards on a custom URL to increase trust for teammates & clients alike.

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Share & Edit on Branded URLs

Create a cohesive and professional image with a custom subdomain, enhancing brand recognition and reinforcing trust among clients and team members.

A Professional Workspace

Claim your custom subdomain to edit & share storyboards with your team within a cohesive, secure workspace.

Increase Client Trust

Use your branded subdomain to share password-protected presentation links with clients to facilitate timely feedback.

Creativity-Enabling AI Tools

Use AI to enhance–not replace–your creative process. Dramatically increase your storyboarding capacity so you can handle more projects and create your best work.

Create Your Home Base for Pre-Production

Create a free Boords account and get clear communication for creatives & clients. Sign up in seconds, no credit card required.

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5,014creativesjoined this week

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”Boords makes it easy to keep track of versions, make revisions in an efficient way, and makes the storyboarding process more collaborative. It's the type of tool that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Sofie Edvardsson
Creative Director at Soja

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Boords is the top-rated online storyboarding software that makes planning video projects a joy, not a job.