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Multiple Aspect Ratios

Create storyboards for popular formats, including Widescreen, Social Media, TV, and Film. Ensure your vision fits the correct format from the start, and streamline your transition into production.

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Adapt Your Vision for Any Screen

Select from a variety of aspect ratios to match your project's needs, ensuring your storyboard aligns with the intended output from the beginning.

Multiple Aspect Ratios

Choose from Widescreen, Social Media, TV, and Film formats to visualize your story accurately.

Flexible Export Options

Export your storyboards as PDFs, images, excel, and more. Ready for production in the exact format you need.

Creativity-Enabling AI Tools

Use AI to enhance–not replace–your creative process. Dramatically increase your storyboarding capacity so you can handle more projects and create your best work.

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5,014creativesjoined this week

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Charlie Scannell
Charlie Scannell
Producer at Partizan

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