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We're Matching your Donations to Ukraine
We’re deeply saddened by the conflict in Ukraine and want to do our bit to offer help to the victims of war there. From March 28 - April 3, we’ll be matching all donations made by Boords users towards humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
Filmmaking 101: How to use The Dutch Angle (2021)
Filmmakers old and new love the Dutch angle for its ability to create an instant of disorientation.
What Does a Line Producer Do?
Whether you’re looking to become a line producer, or you’re a filmmaker who wants to understand more about a line producer’s job, this piece will tell you everything you need to know.
How to Write a Beat Sheet (FREE Template)
When you’re cooking up a story, it’s important to have a plan. Without a solid story structure, it’s easy to get lost in a maze of subplots and character arcs, with no clear direction of where you’re going.
These are the Things that Writers Say Make Up a Great Screenplay
This guide covers all the nitty gritty stuff people learn at film school – like script formatting, right through to the juicy details like loglines and first drafts.
Guide to Writing a Scene Template: Expert Storytelling Tips
Scene templates are a vital tool for novel writing and filmmaking alike.
How to Write a Documentary Script: Expert Storytelling Tips
If you’re a filmmaker that wants to take the documentary world by storm, you’ll be needing a documentary script. In this post, we’ll share a wealth of tips to get you started.
How to Write Your Documentary Treatment
If you’re a filmmaker looking to get support for your documentary project, you’ll need to create a documentary treatment.
Writing a Comic Book Script 101: Expert Storytelling Tips
Think comic books and graphic novels are just for kids? Guess again. Comic book writers are some of the smartest people in the writing game, creating rich stories that readers of all ages love.
How to Write and Format a Series of Shots in Your Screenplay
If you want to be taken seriously by Hollywood’s screenwriting elite, it’s important that your screenplay formatting is impeccable.
How to Storyboard a Parallel Storyline
Every book or movie has a storyline. But some like to double (or triple) the fun by introducing an additional parallel storyline – sometimes more!
How to Write an Amazing Film Synopsis (Step-by-step Guide)
After you’ve finished writing your latest Hollywood smash and put your pen down (or shut your computer), you might think your work’s done. But there’s one thing left to do: write a film synopsis.