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Tackling client projects as a self-employed animator
Mair Perkins is a self-employed illustrator and animator, based in Derby, UK.
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What is an Animatic?
Learn the definition, uses, and benefits of an animatic in this comprehensive introduction
Image library
The Image Library is here!
We're delighted to announce the launch of our new Stock Photo & Illustration library
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How to Make an Animatic in Photoshop
Learn how to make an animatic in Adobe's flagship photo editing software
Is collaboration really that important in the creative process?
Collaboration is the secret sauce in many a creative process, and storyboarding is no exception. Learn how Boords new Collaborators feature helps ensure the success of your project.
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How does E-Learning company Banzai use storyboards?
Banzai uses interactive adventure games to help students think differently about money. The E-Learning company have found Boords to be the key to a productive workflow.
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2018: A Year of Love
Throughout 2018, the influx of feedback that we’ve received from our wonderful Boords community has really made our hearts soar!
Frame Grouping
Sometimes storyboard shots need more than one frame. That's why we've added Frame Grouping to Boords.
Why we deleted 70% of our portfolio
Six years into running Animade, we permanently removed two-thirds of the projects from our website. Why did we need to do something so drastic?
Comment Replies & Emojis
Feedback is vital for successful creative projects. If you don't know what your clients are thinking, you're in trouble.
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Want to make the most of your downtime? Start a mini-series
I believe there's an often overlooked element of successful downtime projects. It's something we happened upon with Lernz, one of our first studio projects at Animade, and it's become something of a secret sauce for us in the years since.
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Announcing the Boords Script Editor!
Editing a storyboard script used to mean copying and pasting individual script lines into each frame. Not any more, my friend...