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The 16 Types of Camera Shots & Angles (Video Guide)
Do you sometimes feel like your vision for a film is lost in translation? It can be a frustrating experience, but one that can be avoided (or at least minimised) by understanding and implementing some storyboarding fundamentals.
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How to storyboard – the basics
Discover the fundamentals of the storyboarding process, and learn about some tips and tricks you can use in your own work.
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9 strategies for dealing with tight-turnaround projects
A collection of techniques for dealing with short-term projects
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Wall-ready storyboards
Export your storyboards in portrait format, and preview your changes live
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Growing a studio, the hard way
Lessons learned growing Animade, and the process we use to run and grow the company today
The Seven Steps of Animation Production
A handy step-by-step guide to the animation production process
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Announcing our brand new Frame Editor
We've launched our new frame editor! It's jam packed with new features and improvements
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Drag and drop your storyboards and projects
Re-order your projects and storyboards within your dashboard
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Custom filenames for your frames
Boords now allows you to append any suffix to your exported file name
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Quickly switch between slideshow & grid view modes
You can now switch between slideshow and grid view modes right in the editor.
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Passwords synced between storyboard versions
We've just release a small update which syncs passwords between all versions of your storyboard
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New keyboard shortcuts
Share references to specific frames within the shareable view, automatically