Another Boords feature for you guys to enjoy has just been released.

Now you can rearrange any frame in your storyboard without the hassle of clicking and dragging. This sweet new feature can be found in the options menu for any frame. Simply hover over the magic three dots and hey presto wouldn't you know it, there it is!

A dialog box will popup asking you which number frame you'd like to move this one to, enter a frame number and click the "OK" button to confirm.

This will definitely come in handy for those of you working with large storyboards or with smaller screen sizes. Enjoy!

Move Frame


Another slick update has been released!

This one lets you switch between slideshow and grid view modes right in the editor. Amazing, I know!

Simply hover over any frame within your storyboard and click the Zoom button or use the Slideshow/Grid button in the toolbar. While in Slideshow mode don't forget you can press those left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through your storyboard too!

Pro tip: You can still use the shortcut keys (g) for Grid Mode and (s) for Slideshow Mode to switch between view modes.

Zoom to Slideshow Mode

Switch to Slideshow from Toolbar


A few small updates recently released that'll make your storyboarding experience ever so slightly easier. Hooray!

From now on by default all shareable views will be password protected. You can manage a password by simply clicking on the "Change sharing URL password" button. These passwords will now also be synced across all versions of your storyboard.

The less time spent fiddling around with passwords the better!

Change sharing URL password


We've just launched a couple of improvements to the shareable view which make it easier to use and, of course, share!

Firstly, you can now share references to specific frames within the shareable view, automatically! When in slideshow mode, the URL will automatically adjust as you move through your storyboard frames. Perfect for quickly referencing a specific frame in your storyboard.

Secondly, we've added a couple of keyboard shortcuts to make moving between slideshow and grid view that little bit easier. Just press "g" to show grid view, or "s" for slideshow. Simple!



You can now paste images to create frames directly from your computer clipboard! Simply copy an image, either from your local machine or online, then open a storyboard, press command-v on Mac (control-v on Windows) and hey presto! A new frame will be created with the image from your clipboard.



We've made some improvements to the dashboard user experience, making it a little easier to find your way around. We've moved projects you own and those which have been shared with you into their own sections, and saved the dashboard state between page loads.


whos online

If you work in a Team, you can now see which of your teammates is editing a storyboard in real time! Just look out for their picture or initials in the storyboard header.


If you've longed for more control over how your storyboards look, we've got good news for you. We've just added a few much requested features to our storyboard exports:

  • Export PDFs in 16:9 format
  • Remove default frame numbers (great if you use a custom numbering system!)
  • Remove default Sound & Action icons

To have a play just head to the Display settings tab in any of your storyboards.


complete comment

Getting feedback on a storyboard via comments is useful, but wouldn't it be better if you could mark a comment as complete?

You thought so, and we agreed. So we've now added the ability to mark a comment on your storyboard as complete, helping everyone on a project keep up to date with what's been done. Completing a comment updates it in real-time for everyone looking at the storyboard too.



You can now control email notifications for comments on your storyboards on a user by user basis, so you can keep on top of notification overload!

To change your preferences, just click the comments link in the header of your storyboard, then the settings icon in the top right hand corner. If you're an admin, you'll be able to turn off notifications for all of your team here too.

It's worth noting that notification settings apply to all versions of the storyboard.